Berlin Junction (Improv Film Project)

On August 6, 2012 by xagudo



“Berlin Junction”  (formerly known as the Improv Film Project) is an improvised feature film in which story line, script and performances are  purely improvised by its actors after a thorough preparation on character development, story creation and relationship between performers, achieved through improv games and exercises.

Each performer created a character with defined personality and features. carved deep into his emotions, fears and curiosities to create situations which defined possible plot points.

The director used the results of these exercises to create a story line before entering the production phase.
Each defined character was inserted in real world situations and locations devised by the director, to which they had to respond and react according to his own character personality, features and story world.

The main character did not know beforehand about these situations, locations or even other characters interacting with his, thus having to react, respond, offer and talk in an organic and improvised manner, true to his character, just as any of us would have to do in the real world facing real situations.
The characters and situations were followed by a camera crew which had  to react accordingly to capture all actions.


“Jos Bakker, a Dutch painter living in Berlin, is on a cross road in his life. He needs to make a decision, either hold on to his freedom and his unattached way of life or settle down and create a family with the woman he loves.”



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