Branded Entertainment Transmedia Campaigns

In Summary


A Branded Entertainment Transmedia Campaign is a marketing technique to create an emotional link between your customers and your product or service through the creation of a Story World that can be consumed, played, shared and viewed through different platofrms and media.


Why does your Brand need this?


A Brand can provide a real tangible value in the consumer through an entertaining, immersive and relevant experience. Today´s audience lives in the internet, social networks, tablets, laptops, smartphones. It is fragmented and demanding of new and interactive experiences. Classic advertisement is disposable and is being ignored and bypassed in the interconnected digital world. Now Brands have the option to engage in an emotional conversation with highly targeted audience by speaking their language and playing in their digital playground, making them come back for more and bring others along. And it all begins with a Story.


How do we approach your campaign?
  • First we identify together your brand´s Core Values and the Story behind your service, product or company.
  • Then we set a campaign duration.
  • Next we create a Story World, fictional or real, that revolves around the core values and story of your Brand.
  • We conceptualize, produce and release a Story Telling plan  involving multiple media like videos, pictures, audio, texts, live performances, games, etc. through different platforms like social media networks, the real world, mobile apps, cinemas, etc.
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